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The following are the steps to take when planning for office space:

Hire the architect early on in the process

This will ensure you have an accurate heads-up picture of your space requirements.

Collect Relevant Data

Assemble any Organizational Charts, Headcount Projections, Furniture and Equipment Inventories, As-built Floor Plans of Existing Space, CADD Files, Etc.

This can greatly assist your broker-architect team in determining a meaningful estimate of the required area.

Adjust for Changes in the Culture—Allow for Flexibility

Now is the time to make sure you plan for the necessary space to foster productivity in the new office.

Make sure your firm has sufficient space to adjust easily to market forces.

Calculate Growth Space

Include room for a reasonable growth in your staff. Usually you can’t grow revenues without some increase in staff.

Do Test Fit Plan(s) for Targeted Building(s)

Have your architect do check layouts of typical floors or areas to confirm density ratios, furniture and office module compatibility.

This will allow you to uniformly compare the various potential spaces from both a design as well as an efficiency standpoint.

Start Early!

Don’t get caught rushing. A mistake in this early preplanning stage will most likely mean you’ll soon be going through the process all over again.

A little up front analysis and planning, through the help of a professional architect with experience in office planning, can go a long way in laying the necessary groundwork for a smooth transition to your new office. Assuming your architect has performed the proper analyses and documented accurately your needs for the new office, you can be assured that ultimately your new company home will be a good fit for your organization. And just as importantly the subsequent phases of design and construction will go more quickly and without surprises.

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