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Commercial Real Estate

The Commercial Real Estate Help You Need

Complete your development project with our commercial real estate agents at KW Commercial. T.J. Schutte Jr., and Derrick Plunkett have decades of combined experience, helping developers find the perfect land for purchase or putting land on the market to be sold. They’ve sold hundreds of pieces of real estate and look forward to helping you find the best land for your franchise or the best buyer for a property you no longer want control of.

We’ll Help You Find the Land You Want

  • Generate a consistent revenue stream through commercial real estate investments. People who want part of your land would have to do so through leasing, which gives you a consistent stream of cash flow.
  • Find small to large office and multi-use space for your company with help from our real estate agents. Our knowledge of zoning codes and the transaction process will ensure your new location is the best possible.
  • Let your assets appreciate with excellent and proactive management. Commercial real estate investments appreciate exceptionally, making your investment that much more lucrative and desirable to potential buyers.

Get the commercial real estate help you need by coming to KW Commercial for our expertise and customer-oriented service. Call (859) 359-6805 to speak to an agent today.


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